Sunday, April 30, 2017


To the consumer, conditioners are confusing. Leading the cloud of uncertainty is the hair industry with its lie that conditioners do repair your damaged hair. No, it does not!        Conditioners fall into two types:  conditioners and deep conditioners. Also, conditioners perform two main functions: lower your hair's pH ( takes out tangles ) and temporarily fix damage hair. The key word is temporarily fix your hair. T E M P O R A R I L Y.          Conditioners, the first type, are for every day use to take out knots and tangles. You see, shampoos and water causes your hair's pH to rise which swells your hair shaft and makes knots in your hair. Using conditioners lowers your hair's pH which smooth your hair shaft and takes out tangles. Shampoo your hair then use a conditioner, rinse it out, to easily get a comb though your hair.        Deep conditioners are used to temporarily help your hair not totally to repair it. Why it can not totally repair your hair is because once your hair grows out from your head, there is no longer any cell division. Your hair is dead. Think of your hair as a road with damage to your hair like a bunch of pot holes. ( pot holes represent damage to your hair ) Deep conditioners fill in these pot holes and temporarily smooth your hair. Because your hair lacks cell division, the damage is still present just fill over. After time, the damage comes back.          NOTHING REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR but a good hair cut. NOTHING.

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