Monday, May 8, 2017


Hey, that axiom holds true for builders. How about the person cutting your hair????? You the consumer better hope the person waving their shears over your hair about to snip away has measure. Or, at least has a plan how to cut your hair.         It all starts with a consultation. That's when your stylist asks you questions how you want your hair cut and shape. You reply  with hopes your stylist understands. I tell you one major important thing.... important thing.... THEY BETTER NOT START CUTTING UNTIL YOU HAVE A CONSULTATION.       And to make sure you know your stylist does a good consultation make sure their questions are open ended questions. these questions start by the words : How, Why, Where, Who.... Questions that start with one of these words forces you to talk and not just answer "yes" or "no". By talking, you are painting the picture in your stylist mind what you see in your mind. Let me end by saying:   CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION and CONSULTATION. ( get it).

Sunday, April 30, 2017


To the consumer, conditioners are confusing. Leading the cloud of uncertainty is the hair industry with its lie that conditioners do repair your damaged hair. No, it does not!        Conditioners fall into two types:  conditioners and deep conditioners. Also, conditioners perform two main functions: lower your hair's pH ( takes out tangles ) and temporarily fix damage hair. The key word is temporarily fix your hair. T E M P O R A R I L Y.          Conditioners, the first type, are for every day use to take out knots and tangles. You see, shampoos and water causes your hair's pH to rise which swells your hair shaft and makes knots in your hair. Using conditioners lowers your hair's pH which smooth your hair shaft and takes out tangles. Shampoo your hair then use a conditioner, rinse it out, to easily get a comb though your hair.        Deep conditioners are used to temporarily help your hair not totally to repair it. Why it can not totally repair your hair is because once your hair grows out from your head, there is no longer any cell division. Your hair is dead. Think of your hair as a road with damage to your hair like a bunch of pot holes. ( pot holes represent damage to your hair ) Deep conditioners fill in these pot holes and temporarily smooth your hair. Because your hair lacks cell division, the damage is still present just fill over. After time, the damage comes back.          NOTHING REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR but a good hair cut. NOTHING.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shampoo, shampoo. My kingdom for a shampoo

There is no other part of our body devoted to so many products than our hair. There are more items, products and treatments for the care of hair than for the fight to cure cancer. Hundreds of products. Skin, hands, feet or any other body part. But hair is in its own field.       

Monday, April 24, 2017

I like to tell , even shout out over the roof tops, that hair color is not easy to master. Yet consumers think that they can go to any salon and color their hair. You just don't put a tube of color on your hair and, puff, perfect hair color..... NO, NO, NO.                                                                                           Put color on your head then, after a few months apply a different color on your head not happening. NO, NO, NO.                                                                                                                                          One chant I want to yell..... Artificial color DOES NOT CHANGE artificial color. YES, YES, YES.                                     

Monday, January 4, 2010


Divertors, what a joke. I'm tired of large product companies blaming or coming down hard on salons and stylists for their problem. Divertors, for people that do not know the term, are people who buy large amount of named products for the purpose of reselling to stores, for profit. Excuse me big companies, but you can stop the issue. Let me see if I understand the game: it is illegal to warehouse products to resell to stores, but once the products make it to the shelves, its legal. Well big companies, just say to the stores, let me see a legal invoice that you purchased the products resting on your shelves from a legal distributor and it's okay. Don't have that legal invoice, then stores, you can be sued. Case closed, diverting reduced.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to talk to your stylist

Problems, problems and problems. I want to address the fact that, yes, a mistake may happen getting your haircut or hair color. Stylists want your business. They can't make a living unless you are happy with your hair and come back. It's that repeat business that makes an average stylists into a great one. So, the last thing a stylists wants to do is to make a mistake while doing a service. The single biggest mistake is communication. There are two reasons: the client did not speak "salon language" or the stylists did not ask the right question to make the client explain better. Also, there are stylists that do not cut hair like all the other stylists. The other events that may lead to a mistake are: time, wrong salon for the client, stylists' skill level for srevice requested and product failure.


Hey, that axiom holds true for builders. How about the person cutting your hair????? You the consumer better hope the person waving their sh...